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Shaping Our Lives

I notice so many people saying they want to change this or that about themselves so these other things work, and I’m way more like, get whatever’s in the way out of the way, and it will happen naturally. I wonder if that’s truly better, but I suspect likely we need both. The difference is, do I want to shape my life or let it shape me? Probably both.

Kid at the Playground

He’s a frustrated ball of ‘I want something’.
He’s wriggling like an earthworm outside of soil.
As soon as mommy puts him down, he goes right back to the merry go round and climbs to the very top.
Oh the thrill.
His soul wants the thrill of being human.
Let him have it.

How to Feel Like You Belong to Nature

The way to begin to feel like we belong in the natural world is to draw as many comparisons as possible between nature and our humanity. Even if we study nature and the connections between plants, animals, the cosmos, the dirt, etc, if we don’t include humans, we are still doing the separation, the scientific dissection and distancing. In order to care for the land, belong to the land, feel a part of the land, we must make as many connections as possible between it and our lives/bodies. We need to draw comparisons and parallels and tell stories and make parables. This is how our ancestors lived. This was in all their stories. The ability to draw parallels among seemingly disconnected things is sacred.

And to draw parallels and make comparisons, you must know the land. Know the flora and fauna and its habits.

Not a little of this inspiration comes from my personal experience of moving halfway across the country and doing my best to feel connected to the land – like I belonged here, and a certain chapter in ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ by Robin Wall Kimmerer. The chapter called “In the Footsteps of Nanabozho: Becoming Indigenous to Place”. I’ll save that for another post.

High Standards

Why would I bother caring what other people say or their perspectives? I only care about that if it benefits me. They don’t need me to care about that if they value it themselves. If they value it themselves, then I’m likely to too. Ahhh, people want others to listen to them under the guise of being kind, like you’re a good person if you listen, when really they don’t value what they themselves have to say and need others to validate them to believe its valuable. I will always value what other people say from their heart and soul, but random dribble, no. I need never value that. Really nobody wants me to. We all know that the most meaning is made in life when we value what is the deepest truth, helps us on our soul’s path, speaks to our heart. Our standards need to be that high.

Birthdays and Balloons

We are the victims of a slowly dying herd of balloons.
Major birthdays call for major excesses…
Balloons now wander through the house, underfoot, poofing up in your face now and then.
The cat would like to eat the rubber end but try as she might…
She did pop one and was not fazed.
This herd of balloons is a happy memory of a thoughtful sister.

Outside Self and Inside Self

My outside self was there when I needed her.
Which was almost all the time.
They demanded a self in their image if I was to survive with them.
My inside self sustained me.
My inside self allowed me to be me.
In nature, with my kitties, in my alone time, writing and making art.
My outside self was built around what do they think of me.
My outside self was my survival.
My inside self was my luxury.
Until it became my survival.
Slowly my outside self is peeling away.
For so long I needed it to live, but now it’s sinewy bands hold me back.
I want to run, but it ties me down.
I think maybe I’ll integrate it.
Inside of being two selves, I want to be One.
This is my space.
Right til the edge of here.
I have seniority, sovereignty in My Space.
From inside here, I will look outside there.

Epiphany Series #1

I’m going to have a series of short blog posts, simply sharing epiphanies I have along my journey, and it’ll be my Epiphany series. 😊

Here’s one to start:

Our brain is the masculine, heart is the feminine, and combining them creates Divine Union within. And I think the gut brain is the kid. The Holy Child. And since the gut/root is connected to the earth, it’s like we are birthing the Earth, just as she is also birthing us. 💡🌎


Drink the magic potion
Find your fire within
Live in the joy of your soul

That’s what it’s all about.

Mating in the grasses
Swimming in the mushrooms
Jumping over the fire

Clean out the Winter to make room for the Summer.

Divine Union within
The Heart and the Mind
The Earth and the Sky

New Life comes from Blending.